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Neuropsychology Assessment Appointment

The assessment will include an interview and psychometric testing. The tests will cover areas of thinking such as problem solving, memory and concentration. They are not unpleasant but some people may find the testing a little bit tiring. Often there are also questionnaires to complete about how you feel emotionally.

There will be breaks during the appointment and it is important you feel as comfortable as possible.

The neuropsychologist will be able to answer questions and reassure everyone, and there is no need to be anxious.

If you need reading glasses or hearing aids please remember to bring them along.

It is helpful if someone who knows the person being assessed can come along and contribute to the interview, and for children this will usually be a parent. If you are worried that you might forget to raise something in the interview and want to bring a list of symptoms or difficulties as a reminder please do.

Waiting rooms are small and shared with other clinics so it is best not to bring along other friends or family.

The session will take a few hours and small children may get bored and unhappy waiting around, so please arrange alternative childcare for those members of the family if possible.

Make sure everyone is well fed before the appointment, and bring snacks if you need them as the clinics do not provide these.

It is difficult to judge just how long an assessment will take but please try to arrange travel so you can be at the clinic for at least 4 hours, and sometimes the appointment could be an hour or two more or less.

Let us know in advance if you have any special requirements, such as a need for wheelchair access.

Clinic staff are not permitted to push wheelchairs or provide personal care assistance so if a carer is needed they will have to be present.

It is usually not possible to provide feedback immediately after the testing as all the tests take time to score and analyse. A report will be provided, usually to the referral source within a few weeks.